Allow us to introduce you to the world of salsa dance. It is an incredible journey!

Creating Dancers

About us

We are the first instructors offering three dance levels in class

 Learn Salsa Dance and enjoy as you learn with Alma, Jorge and Pedro.  We are the first instructor's team offering beginning, intermediate and advance levels in class.

Class will start with a basic warm up. Alma and Jorge will begin by teaching you the basic steps along with the right turn, left turn, and side to side steps then you'll get introduced to more fun footwork that you will then dance those steps to the sound of Salsa music. At the end of this class, you will walk away knowing the basic foundation of salsa dance. 

We will then divide the group into three groups, beginners, intermediate and advance Levels.  Beginners will learn to execute their foundation with ease. Alma will clean your steps to prepare you for the next phase of the lesson.  Intermediate will be taught by Pedro you will learn phase II of Salsa Dance. This is where he will add more moves to what you already know. In this Phase, you will be prepared for the more complex moves of salsa dancing. 

The Advance class will be your primary class to learn more moves. This will become your source to build up your library of moves. Jorge will show you new patterns and will introduce you to free style dance every week which you can use on the dance floor.  Alma will show the ladies styling and clean your existing style to make you look good on the dance floor while Jorge will teach the gentlemen new combos to make your moves more fluid when leading your partner on the dance floor. 

This class will prepare you on your journey to the passionate world of Salsa Dance.

Alma y Sabor Dance Team

Alma and Jorge performing at a salsa cruise organized by Alma F.   Dance routine choreographed by Jorge M.
Co-Director of Alma y Sabor dance team.